Writing Articles For Permanent Traffic

Writing Articles For Permanent Traffic

Article writing is one of the most effective ways to generate free traffic to your website. One article submitted to only a few sites can create a steady stream of traffic. These are just a few of the many ways articles can bring you traffic to your site:

1. Click-throughs via article banks Your articles are read by people who click the link in the “author’s resource box”.

2. Traffic from search engines. Google search “cheap international flights” and you will see my article in the results. Readers can click through to my website wherever the article is located.

3. Other websites. If I see a referral address that I don’t recognize in my reports, it’s often a site that uses one of my articles.

Article Submission – The Essentials

Send your articles to newsletters and article banks. Article banks often have “free-distribution” articles that can be used for any site, newsletter, or blog. They can’t modify them and must keep your link active. You can link to your site in the “resourcebox”. Here you tell a bit about yourself and invite readers to visit your site.

Once you post an article, it spreads, creating permanent traffic streams. Why is it permanent? Here’s an example: I get search traffic for “mexico real estate” on my site HousesUnderFiftyThousand.com because of an article I used. Although I get clicks to her site, the author receives traffic and revenue so I won’t remove the article.

The Easiest Article Writing

Writing articles is not just for writers. Although online articles are shorter and more informal than magazine articles, if you don’t enjoy writing, a list-article is a good option. This article is also easier to write.

You could create an article about Ebay making money. It would be called “The Top Ten Sellers on Ebay.” This would include a brief introduction, a list of items, some information about you, and a link to your website. To avoid making mistakes on Ebay, write “Six Mistakes People Make”

While some article banks may charge fees, there are many others that are completely free. You can also generate traffic using your articles in other ways. This is the “tease” of this article to get you to your site.

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